Friday, September 24, 2010

and later on the six o clock news...

so this week went extremely fast, after last week's craziness, it should seem fast. we had one school a day except for thursday where we had two schools. the two school day was not much of a time issue seeing that they were only about five minutes apart; but they were both our hardest stage setups yet.

the first stage was too small to set up on so we set up on the floor in front of the stage. our second school wanted us to use the stage which barely fit one screen across it, so we had the two side screens coming off the stage onto the floor. this was a very complicated setup and if it hadn't of been for the students (camea, carolin, ben, and isaac) we wouldn't of been able to setup on time. they were all in eighth grade, and really fun, shy-at-first students. they were eager to help and very good at following instructions.

the second school was also exciting because there was a fight between two students. and when i say fight i mean both stranding up on their chairs thrashing at each other with closed fists. they were both jumped on by teachers and escorted out of the assembly. i guess my intro was pretty bad....just kidding! neither of the students were hurt, and the situation was dissolved very quickly. this incident happened right before the start of the assembly, so minda and i gave a pretty awesome intro and conclusion touching on how it takes courage to say "no" to yourself; like starting rumors, getting in fights, ect. and how participating in those activities actually makes you a weaker person.

BUT, the most exciting part of our week was that we were on the news!! so we were at norristown high school, which had the biggest stage ever! it was amazing, like heaven! it also had a giant orchestra pit which was great because our projectors were able to sit inside of it, out of harms way. the school had around 2000 students and they apparently have their own in-school news channel, which also airs on local channels. we were interviewed by two students after our second show. they asked us questions about the presentation and what our job is like. it was a fun interview that we both really actually enjoyed!


  1. Hi you two!
    Wow... it sounds like you guys have had a very exciting and busy week! Glad no one else was hurt in that fight!! Sounds like you are really
    spreading the word and getting it across to people. Hope this finds you both Healthy and Happy!~ We all miss you very much!!!!! :)
    Love you both, Auntie Lorrie and Family XXXX

  2. Very interesting post you two. Sounds like the school with the fight really needed the presentation. Praying for you two. xxoo Mama