Monday, September 6, 2010

the day of two schools

wow this past friday was intense. we had two schools this day, fortunately they were about 10 minutes apart, but we still had two schools in one day......wooooh tiring!

both the schools we had a show at that day were middle schools and we had students help us at each school. the first school we arrived at had a large stage, but a short ceiling and lights. so we had to set up farther back on the stage. it was a little irritating because it was extremely hard to maneuver our screens with the ceiling being so low. we had to bring them forward and back a few different times trying to find a spot where all three screens could fit together. we finished that setup on time with no serious problems.

our next show was to start at 2:00 and it was a little bit more stressful. when we arrived we were told that the auditorium that we would be setting up on would be in use until 1:00. on top of that, we were also told that there was going to be a fire drill happening at 1:27, in which we HAD to participate in. this meant that we truly only had around 25  minutes to set-up everything. luckily the stage was ENORMOUS! so while there was a presentation happening on the front of the stage we were able to set up our screens back stage. we also set up our projector tables and speaker stands. we basically had everything prepped to set up, but we didn't have anything set up.

the guys that helped us were a HUGE help! minda took care of the projectors while the six 8th grade guys helped me get the screens set up and worked on running cords for the speakers. it was a mad dash to get everything ready in time. we were doing our sound check when the fire alarm went off. having everything prepped definetly helped us, but we did our set up pretty much in under 25 minutes. needless to say we were a little exhausted after this set up.

don't forget to check out our map to see where we have traveled so far!

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