Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend with tyra

so it is the weekend, finally! it has been a very, very long week full of 2 school days, in all we have presented the show 18 times! we are extremely tired and we are super pumped to get a couple days to kick back and rest our bodies and minds.

the other day was a very stressful day for us, we had two schools, which were very close in scheduling. the first school's multi-purpose room's stage was extremely small and we couldn't fit our screens on the stage, so we had to reconfigure the seating to fit the screens on the floor. on top of that we started over half an hour behind schedule which meant that we ended up being half an hour late to our next venue.

at that next venue we could not get the line up exactly right because we had to set up our projectors in the rows of seats and how the seats were made it was truly difficult to line up our projectors. so it ended up being slightly off. now when i say slightly off i mean it was pretty bad, but the thing is, is that no one but minda and i could see the difference. we were even thanked by our contact for making the screens look so good, we almost started laughing.

at the end of the day even though we were both basically at our breaking point, we were able to agree to put the day behind us, and we were both able to laugh at our ridiculous day.

today we had what was supposed to be our "stressful day" because we had a super tight drive in between our two schools. the first school decided to begin their second show early which gave us the extra time to arrived at our next school 3 minutes ahead of schedule. both the set ups went very well, and at the second school we had the entire stage crew to help us set up and tear down. it was awesome. btw we had to set up our projectors in the seating at both shows and the line ups were killer!

at the end of our crazy week we (Minda) decided to finish it by watching an entire season of America's next top model.

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