Saturday, October 2, 2010

schools, storms, and scarves

this week was almost uneventful, which we will never complain about. we had 6 schools this week:

1 on monday

2 on tuesday

2 on thursday


1 on friday

as you could probably tell we had wednesday off, which was our first day off during a work week in three weeks. it was great to have a day off and it really, really helped the the week go by quicker. it was great to have a day to rest and refresh ourselves.

unfortunately the hurricanes that are pounding the southern coast right now drove tons of rain into the area we were working in this week. on tuesday and thursday we had to unload and reload twice each day in the rain. it wasn't fun to say the least. we were soaked both days, and it made it hard for us to move around while we were setting up, i don't think jeans were ever supposed to be worn wet. so we spent a good amount of time those days wiping down our equipment, trying to make sure that we got all of the water off.

the storm on thursday, especially thursday night was very, very bad. so bad in fact that while on the way to our school on friday we had to sit in a pretty bad traffic jam that was caused by about a quarter mile of flooding on the road. we decided to drive through it which most big vehicles were doing. we did not realize how bad it really was until we were about halfway through it. the water at the highest point was about 3 feet deep, and the waves from other vehicles were hitting our windows. it was extremely frightening, seeing that we weren't in a boat. anyways we prayed that God would take care of us and the drivers around us, and here we are, safe and sound, also our van was completely dry inside, definitely a God thing.

we were a little late to the school on friday, but they had a great big stage so it was an easy set-up.

so if you haven't heard we started a new hobby about a month ago. we have a lot of down time with our job, especially during our presentation, so we took up knitting. it is pretty relaxing and we really enjoy doing it and trying new patterns. we are even more excited now because very soon we are going to start selling them, to you! we are unsure how we are going to advertise them, possibly through albums on facebook, or how much we will sell them for; we will probably ask a base price to cover materials and shipping and ask for a love offering for anything over that price.

so minda and i have started our knitting company: Barely Attractive Apparel currently we are only offering scarves, but hats, gloves, and blankets may be available in the future. if you would like to seriously request a scarf in a certain color, pattern, material, or any other request you can follow this link: Barely Attractive Apparel!!!

we are currently working on an easier way for us to showcase our scarves so that it will be easier for you to see if you would like to order a scarf or something else..........from us. thanks for your patience and support!

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