Sunday, September 5, 2010

a night of three of our favorite things!

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers/Football
  2. Each Other
  3. Heinz Ketchup
 don't judge us.

on thursday night minda and i had the unique opportunity to see a pittsburgh steelers game live! it was a blast and minda was pretty much like a kid in a candy shop that was going out of business and having a liquidation sale.

being that it was a pre-season game, we found great seats online for less than half price! we were sitting dead center, lowest level, steeler's sideline, only 26 seats from the front. minda was able to see the facial expressions of "her boys", she was elated to say the least.

we were also sitting right behind some high school guys that were very into supporting their home team! they also helped lead some great cheers!

the game was against the carolina panthers. apparently they did not bring their a-game as the steelers pretty much were running circles around them! it was the icing on the cake to have them win by a landslide on the game we attended! we also took some great pictures after the game. remember you can click the pictures to see a bigger version of them!

at the end of the day we had a wonderful time! it was a perfect date.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this =) We're so happy for you guys!