Sunday, September 5, 2010

PackRat anyone?

so, during training another married another married team (mike and kelsey domeny) introduced us to a game called "PackRat". it is a super fun, original card game in which you horde and sell items individually and in collections! the really neat part about this game is that it was completely created by the Domenys! so if you are looking for an easy to learn game that is addictive and fun, support the Domenys and buy their game!

PackRat is a game for the entire family! Collect, sell, and horde widgets, what-zits, doo-dads, and even doo-moms! Hold onto as much as you can, but be sure to sell when the deal is right!
In what other game can you store Mama's Favorite Who-Zit in a Bathtub? Or Grandpa's Doo-Hickey in the Kitchen Sink? Just hope it's not a Fancy Imitation!
PackRat’s play time can be customized to any duration you choose, and it can easily accommodate 2-8 players.

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