Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the six show school

yesterday (monday) was a long day to say the least. we were in a middle school in northern maryland, our first show started at 9:30, and we had shows all day until 3:30 in the afternoon. i think our boss andrew is mad at us, because i can think of no better way to torture and turn someone's braon to mush faster than scheduling them to watch the same 40 minute presentation 6 times in a row. in all seriousness, by the end we were extremely loopy and exhausted, but we love andrew and are just poking fun at him. the teachers and principal were very accommodating and really very nice to us. crazy day. now for the rest of the week we have 2 schools every day, it should be an experience for sure.

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  1. nice! thats what i like to see Nik, a short little post updating so i dont have to wait all week knowing how you both are doing :) Praying for you guys!
    May Papa work in and through you!
    love ya guys!