Monday, September 13, 2010


so we went to Philadelphia on our day off, a couple days ago. it was pretty cool. we had a blast trying to find parking (sarcasm), but driving around the city was really fun. the buildings were old and had such character and 1depth to them. it was definitely an unexpected surprise as we were perusing all of the tiny unusable compact sized spots on the side of the street.

one of our must sees in philly was of course the liberty bell! in case you forgot the importance of the liberty bell check it out here!! so i prepared myself to be completely disappointed by the liberty bell, but honestly, it was pretty impressive! it was actually much larger than i though it was going to be. they were still in process of building onto the already new building that the bell resides in, so it was a little messy, but the information that they had to read and see leading up to the bell was informative and interesting as well.

our next stop was one that may interest a wider array of readers, we went for food! so we were told by our friends that we had to go to geno's for a real classic philly cheese steak, but i remembered watching a food network special in which i learned that pat's king of steaks, across the street was actually built before geno's. also geno's had lights and crazy signs and such, which was just obnoxious and lame. so we chose pat's, a small humble building, drawing people near with a small sign that held the name of their restaurant; any place that doesn't have to tell you how good they are, are alright in my book.

they cheese steaks were amazing, i mean, seriously, they were so good, a tad expensive, but so worth it! i feel like i might of broken my comma button on my keyboard.......o well.

one of the downsides of going to get a philly cheese steaks was that we had to walk around half an hour to get there. this meant that we had to walk all the way back, the problem other than having to walk on full stomachs was that we were a couple minutes late to repay on our parking meter. apparently the meter gods (it is just a joke) were not on our side, and we had received a parking ticket, dang it.

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  1. We loved Philly too!!! Something about seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall humbling maybe???? We love you guys love reading your blogs. We are thinking of and praying for you.
    DD and Jess