Wednesday, September 8, 2010

our colorful day of rock and roll

today (Wednesday) was a free day for us. so before we left Easton, Pa to go to Horsham, Pa; we had to stop by the crayola crayon factory, which we learned today supplies 90% of the world's crayola brand crayons! before we entered the factory, we had to check out the biggest crayola store in the world that is also home to the world largest crayon! impractical, but still pretty cool!

yep it's blue

after making a purchase at one of the coolest, most colorful stores in the world, we  headed over to the factory for a tour! it was pretty fun, and we learned an awesome tip about crayola markers! so what is the worst thing that could befall a marker? a cap left off overnight, and a dry useless marker, right? well don't fret and don't toss your marker just yet.
 the tip was:
  1. dip the dry tip of your marker in warm water for 30 seconds 
  2. put the cap back on
  3. let sit overnight
  4. your dry dead marker will be reborn!!
anyways, it was really fun to see how crayons and markers are made. i even answered a trivia question and received some model magic as a prize! all right!

after our tour was over, we headed over to the original "School of Rock", after we got a tip from Johnny Vazquez, another tech from Camfel!

it was a pretty cool experience, just fun  getting a chance to see it in person!


  1. If you guys make it anywhere close to Fort Myers you better let us know so we can come see you! Sounds like you guys are having a good time.
    Mike and Trinda

  2. I thought you guys were supposed to be having fun? I mean, the Crayola factory and School of Rock? I think I read in a book somewhere that those things are as far from fun as possible. Or maybe I saw it in a movie? Either way it has to be true ;)

  3. I wish I could go to the Crayola factory. I love crayons. Who doesn't though? Glad you had such fun. Mama