Sunday, August 15, 2010

training, training, training

so this week has been a very, very busy week for us to say the very, very least. we begin around 6:30 in the morning and end around 5:00 in the afternoon. our days are spent rotating between four different sessions, each focused on a different part of the camfel job. the four parts are: setting up the different frames to accommodate different stages and ceilings, A/V set up and trouble shooting, and two rotating sessions that focus on different things associated with eqiupment maintince. needless to say, every night we have both collapsed into bed, only to be harassed by our alarms early the next morning.

two days ago (friday), minda had a really, really bad migraine that  kept her in bed all day trying to sleep it off. so i spent the day alone without her as a partner to keep me company :(. but it was ok because she woke up the next day feeling right as rain and ready to go!

yesterday (saturday) was a "half day", but it felt a little longer than that. much to our relief it was more of a laid back non physical day. we are getting excited and also a little nervous because andrew, the team manager, let us know yesterday that we will be doing our first show tomorrow (monday). we won't start our official tour until later this week, but tomorrow is our first show. in fact, it will be the first official showing of this year's new show. the even cooler thing is, is that the entire camfel team will be coming to see the show at the high school!

Team Camfel!
we will hopefully update tomorrow and let everyone know how our show went! pray that:
  • God will work through us to further His kingdom.
  • He would direct us in our setup
  • that everything would run smoothly 
  • God would speak through us to students we come into contact with


  1. sweet!!! i will be praying!!! you will do great because the GREAT lives in you guys :)
    love ya both!
    joey, desirey and mason

    p.s. mason wore flip flops today, Nik :)

  2. Anything worthy usually doesn't come easy - otherwise everyone would do it! You too be proud God has chosen you for such a worthy ministry! We will be praying for you to handle everything that comes your way with that Godly attitude you both have and for open hearts and minds for those you come in contact with. xxoo Mama Mel

  3. Hi Nik and Minda!
    You guys will be just fine! If you believe in what you are will be fine! Love ya both, Auntie Lorrie :) XXXX

  4. Hey, We are so proud of you! We are all reading your blogs and trying to figure out how to respond! Hopefully this works ;) We miss you soooooooooo but it is a comfort to know you are walking in His plan. I know that lives will be touched and changed by the power of His spirit in you, love ya mucho Mamma J for whitlock6

  5. Eh hem. Ours was the first official showing. Thank you very much! But we're stoked you got to be the first of the new techs to do a show! Great job guys!!