Monday, August 23, 2010

Si(y)dney, not just the capital of Australia; and Potter, not just an underachiever...

we just finished with the first show of our tour, and it went extremely well and smooth; but before we talk about that let's rewind time about 24 hours.

we arrived in Sidney, Nebraska (which is also the birthplace of the first Cabelas) where our hotel is located. we were staying about half and hour away from our school which is located in Potter, Nebraska.

when we were close to Sidney, i remembered that my friend from Moody Bible Institute, jenn sydow, (i was pretty sure at least) grew up in Sidney. after a quick call, i was assured i was correct. and thanks to jenn and her parent's hospitality, we ate dinner with her parents. jenn wasn't there because Moody's classes started today.

we had an amazing time with Bill and Karen Sydow! They made hamburgers for us and had an amazing variety of healthy fruit and veggie choices, choices that were extremely welcoming after eating fast food for 3 weeks! we spent a few hours with Karen and Bill, and had some amazing fellowship with them. we were extremely encouraged by them and they prayed for us and our show for the following day. we were even sent away with "adventures in odyssey" cds and cds of Bill's preaching series on Genesis, to keep us entertained on the road! they were an amazing blessing from the Lord, they truly love Him and are walking in His path.

the next morning (today, monday, august 23) we woke up early, packed up our van and headed off to Potter, Nebraska to have our first show. we read in the local paper before we left that the school has a new principal, who was also our contact Phil Hoyt. The school was extremely welcoming and we set up our show fairly quickly. after our show was aver we had five freshmen guys help us tear down. it was a fun time to chat and find out a little about their lives.

after we packed up everything, we left for St. Joseph, Missouri. which is around 9 hours away from where we are. minda and i have about 3 hours of traveling left, so if you are reading this, please pray for safe travels!


  1. We're praying for you guys, glad to hear everything is going smoothly so far!

  2. Hey guys! I love that you could meet my parents and have dinner with them. My mom said that your show at Potter-Dix high school was great! I hope that GOD continues to bless y'all and keep you safe!
    P.S. It's spelled Sidney! Haha.

  3. Praying for you guys! Thanks for the update.