Saturday, August 21, 2010


thankfully due to the power of technology, i am able to blog while minda drives through utah! we started this morning in las vegas, nevada, since we have been through the northeastern tip of arizona, and we are partway through utah as i type.

firstly let me say that utah is waaaaay prettier than eastern california, nevada, and northeastern arizona combined!

secondly let me say that utah is waaaay weirder than eastern california, nevada, and northeastern arizona combined! we stopped and ate at a del taco a few miles back and we are pretty sure we just encountered our first live case of mormon polygamy, so weird and so gross.

anyways, utah is gorgeous and it is so comforting seeing green grass, albeit prairie grass, grass none the less. and there is even a cloud or two to keep us company, we never realized how much we liked clouds until there weren't any anymore!

so far we have driven 214 miles and have 547 more to go until we can call it a day in denver. i am partly excited because it is home of chipotle! yay!

hope everyone is having a good day, please keep our travels in your prayers!


  1. Hey you have a blog.... exciting! I will follow you. :)

  2. haha i love you guys :)

  3. Sounds great. Miss ya bro. keep on kickin' butt out there. Talk to you later.

  4. Mennonites aren't polygamists. you mean Mormons?

  5. Chipotle!!!!!!!!!!