Monday, August 9, 2010

away we go!!

way we go I wrote this while on our first plane on our way to dallas/fort worth airport. We were a little stressed this morning, because I set my alarm for 2:30 am and it never went off. Luckily mama j woke us up a little before 3:00 when we had to leave, no shower for a while :(, o well.
Our flight has been smooth so far and the flight attendants seem like they are having a good morning. It was hard to say goodbye to the Whitlock clan, it was pretty tough for minda jayne, but it was a great way to be sent off, with loving hugs and encouraging words. Minda is a little worried, because she had to check her guitar. Apparently you are unable to bring a guitar with a hard case on the plane with you, would have been nice if that was posted on the website. O well, we are rolling with the punches and going with the flow right now, preparing ourselves for a California mindset. We are both excited and seriously extremely nervous. Usually I am unhindered by stress until the last minute, and the last minute is upon us.

Minda took some pictures from the plane after we reached our cruising altitude. I love flying, it is super-surreal, it is just one of those things that seems normal, but if you think about it, you start feeling uncomfortable and fidgety. Ok random, but I find it extremely displeasing when I am trying to type out a blog post and the woman in front of me decides it is time to lay her chair back so I have to bend my arms in weird directions to type, grrrrr.

Anyways silas (minda’s youngest brother) hooked us up with some pretty sweet silly bandz that are in the shape of airplanes!! So COOL! We will rock these bandz til they fall off!

My arms are getting extremely uncomfortable so, at least until our next flight I am signing off!


  1. Have a wonderful Journey guys! Love you both very much!! Love, Auntie Lorrie XXXX

  2. praying for you both! love ya!-joey, desirey and mason