Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hollywood, not all it's cracked up to be...

ok so on sunday, our day off, we decided to go to hollywood and see a movie.

but, before we left we (minda, steve, ashley, and brianna) went to the apple store close by where we are staying. the reason we stopped by was because brianna (another tech) bought an iphone, it was broken, so we went to get it fixed. short story apple is awesome and with no questions asked gave her a new phone to replace the broken one. cool deal.

anyways, so we got back to base camp and then left for hollywood. only bri, minda, and i ended up going in our van, but it was such an amazing time talking with bri and learning about her life and sharing ours with her. she is truly a gifted girl with an amazing heart for God; and she has a Minnesotan accent which is just awesome.

after encountering about a half hour of famous californian traffic, we arrived in downtown hollywood. parking garages were plenty, but very expensive. after a few parking tips from our local friends that are also techs, we got ourselves parked!

hollywood was pretty busy, and honestly it is about one block long and packed with people. we stopped by the most famous spot in hollywood, grauman's chinese theater. we hung out in front of the theater and took some pictures of the cement blocks there signed by famous celebrities!

minda got her picture taken with harrison ford

and i got my picture with morgan freeman

we also took a picture of the hollywood sign, as a side note you may click on any picture to open a higher resolution picture!  

moral of the story, we didn't get the chance to watch a movie :(.........o well!

btw, be on the look for a blog post very soon regarding our first show! it went very good btw!


  1. Morgan Freeman is the actor who did the narration for "March of the Pandas" right? Or am I getting my facts confused?

  2. It is so good to see pictures of you and...smiling!!! You guys look amazing!! Keep up the good work, God has blessed you both!!

  3. Nik and Minda you guys had me reading thinking i would hear about your first show! I guess i have to wait til the next are just like the tv and miss ya guys!

  4. change your font to something besides purple! i can't read it!

  5. Pretty sure this almost made me cry in mcdonalds! I miss you guys already!!! Bri