Monday, July 12, 2010

t-minus 4 Weeks and Counting

today marks four weeks until we leave for California. furthermore we only have three weeks of Church left at Christ Community Church which we are both really saddened about. we are both getting more and more excited, but we are also getting more and more disappointed about leaving our family and friends. BUT, we are not planning on becoming disconnected while we are gone. we are going to try our hardest to stay connected in a plethora of ways, really attempting to give you a variety of avenues to keep up with us in the way(s) you find easiest or most interesting. these are the ways we are staying connected:

  • our blog, duh right? if you would like to spread the word please post this link on your facebook!: we really would like as many people to know about and see this blog as possible. so please spread the word! also we LOVE comments, so please comment away either at the end of each post or on our facebook profiles!
  • Facebook updates of course! we would also appreciate your comments and encouragements on these, we LOVE your personal encouragements and love.
  • Twitter updates. if you are unfamiliar with twitter you can check it out at it is basically a site completely dedicated to facebook style status updates. if you want to follow us or get our updates texted to your cell phone via text messaging our twitter name is nikandminda
  • UStream video blog. we will be broadcasting a video blog that you can watch live while we are recording or later at your convenience when you are free. during the live blog as many viewers as want are able to watch and chat with each other and us without signing up for any service. the link to follow to find the blog is: we will have listed blog times on the website and later on facebook and twitter.                                                                                            
we also just added a "like" button for facebook as you can see below, so please "like" each post you read and get the word out! there is also a small box with the facebook icon below that will share the link to facebook, so please share away!

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