Thursday, July 8, 2010

in the beginning...

Arminda and I have been married for twenty-six days now. twenty-six wonderful, crazy, exciting, and adventurous days. everyday that we are married brings us one day closer to beginning our new job together. we are going to be working for the company Camfel Productions, and in a nutshell our responsibilities are: to set up the equipment for and run school assemblies in public high schools all across America. the school assemblies are focused on encouraging students to be the best person that they can be, and reminding them that they are all special and unique. we begin our new job in august, august 8th to be exact. we will be leaving august 8th heading to ontario, california to begin 2 weeks of training, after the training we will begin our journey through the united states. we are unsure of exactly where we will be headed, but we will update you all as soon as we know. Arminda and I are so so pumped to keep all of you, our family and friends, in our lives and in the know of our current struggles and sucesses. we would both love for you to comment on our post and let us know how you are doing and what you think of our latest endevors.

Soooo right now here are some prayer requests and praises:
·        we bought our plane tickets (we leave august 8th!)
·        that the Lord will prepare us to work with the high school students we will soon encounter
·        that we would be wise with our finances
·        we are looking for a GPS and a Video Camera right now

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  1. Nick & Minda,
    Let me be the very first to wish you well! I am sssooo extremely proud of you both. I know that no matter what you do, you will excel!! Have a safe and fun journey. I love you both tons!!!!
    Love and Prayers,
    Auntie Lorrie, Uncle Bruce
    Lindsey * Zach XXXX