Saturday, July 31, 2010

t-minus 1 week and counting

this past month of july has flown by and Minda and I are both getting extremely nervous and excited about our new journey that is just about to begin! our last week in ohio is absolutely jam packed, meeting with friends and family.

this past saturday Minda worked her last day at the doughbox bakery, she is really sad to leave all her friends but so excited to start this new chapter in her life! friday morning her co-workers threw a going away party. they wrote encouraging notes, and made awesome homemade salsa (thanks Jules)! and Minda is very proud to say that she contributed to the party by making an egg bake dish!

today is Garrett's (my younger brother) graduation party, so we are excited to celebrate with him and send him off to continue his education at Ithaca College in upstate new york.

in other news, we are beginning the long hard process of deciding what to pack to bring with us, this is obviously an important task, seeing that the decisions we make now will have a profound effect on our next six months, let's hope we choose wisely! 


  1. Comment, comment, comment! There, I commented. You're getting comments. Yay! Errrrr... Good luck! P.S. I like the suitcase background for the blog. That makes me wonder, are you going to have to carry a year's worth of stuff in a car, or will there be other vehicles driven by other people involved in the "tour" where some bulky stuff could be put? Or is it just the two of you the whole time?

  2. We are excited for you and Min. What a blessing to have this opportunity. Enjoy the time with others and don't forget to visit those who are most important to you. You and they will be blessed with the gift of your time.