Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Little Czech Souvenir

over the summer minda and i were able to acquire some awesome gifts and keepsakes for family and friends. without a question though our favorite thing that we brought back with us from the Czech this summer is:


as most of you probably know minda and i are pregnant and so excited! it was not something that was planned by us, but we are extremely excited that we are able to be a part of God's plan for our lives! there is actually a really great story that may, or may not of ushered in our little Kumquat (the baby's current size 09/12). don't worry this is a story that you can bring the kids around the computer and read to them.

our first camp of the summer (Trinec) was nestled in the valley of a mountain range inside the town of Horni Becva. the owners of the hotel were very kind and loving to our team. in Czech everyone takes off their shoes before entering a home; the owners wanted us to take off our shoes before going into the hotel, but none of us had house slippers. so they went out and bought 30 pairs of slippers for all the Americans. these owners were really, really nice! they also had 6 children, 2 of which we invited to be a part of the english camp. the owners continued to be very friendly to us throughout the week. well one day, about the middle of camp they were talking with minda and i through a translator. they realized that we were married and proceeded to ask us if we were planning on having kids and how many we wanted. well we laughed and told them that we would love kids , but we weren't sure when.

the mother turned and looked at Minda. she pointed at a crib in the corner of the room, about 10 feet away from us, and she told her that if she wants a baby to go and rock the crib and we will get pregnant within a year. Minda "jokingly" hopped over to the crib rocked it a few quick times, turned and looked at me and  with a crazed look in her eye giggled. well according to our due date we got pregnant at this camp.

God has an amazing sense of humor! seriously, He is hilarious. we have some other cool news and updates, but we will put those up after a little while! thanks for "keeping up with the Walborns"!

Please keep us and our little baby in your prayers.


Nik and Minda


  1. Nik and Minda,
    I am so happy and overjoyed that you two are going to be parents! What a wonderful life you have chosen for yourselves. Now just remember...
    Lorrie Kay is a Great Name!!! :) Hope to get a chance to see you both before the snow hits!! I love you both very much. Minda, make sure you eat enough! Love ya, Auntie Lorrie XXXX

  2. beautiful memory....congrats to you both:)

  3. love it!!! ahh you guys are going to be great parents. (: