Thursday, August 18, 2011

our third and final camp: Zabreh

our last and final camp, and definitely the most unique camp this summer. we did this camp with a town called Zabreh, which is a very difficult name to say for me.....o well.

this camp was unique because of the fact that this was the very first camp for this town and youth group! it was a very exciting endeavor, that everyone was very excited for. it was also different because not only did we not have an american church team, but we were also missing Melissa from our team. she was at a different camp with the czech town that she has been working with throughout the year.

this was the smallest camp of the summer for us and one of the smallest camps in Josiah Venture's history! we had a total of 22 people at camp, and it was a blast!! this camp was extremely fun, and it was a much more intimate setting, that i loved being a part of!

i felt much more comfortable giving the evening talks this week, and my translator (Alca) was top notch; i was truly blessed to be able to work with her this past week and it was a cool thing to see her grow in her abilities to translate. and not only translate words, but to also translate the emotion and expression in the words, it was so cool!

Katka was a great camp leader to work with. she has amazing drive, and her worry for things at camp to go really well, made sure that they did! she is a really creative person, who was able to tap into her teams talents, gifts, and passions to be able to use them to their full potential, and really make their first camp something to be remembered! we had a pretty rag tag camp with 7 guys total including myself and Tom, (Katka's father, pastor of their Church) who turned 50 years old while at camp! we had a great camp facility, with our first practical sports field/area for the summer!

because we did not have an american team for this camp, we did follow up with Zabreh.

follow up is the day that camp ends (saturday). basically it is a time to really connect students with the church and youth group! it was really tiring, but so rewarding! the youth group had a mini amazing race planned that took place around town. we had great weather, and the race was a perfect length and another great opportunity to talk with students. after the race we met out behind the church for a picnic/bbq. we are really praying that the Lord will continue growing and working in relationships that were made at camp.

look out for the next post that will talk about our time in Prague for debrief!!

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