Sunday, June 12, 2011

First few weeks in Czech

So we have been in the beautiful Czech Republic for a few weeks now and it has been a life changing experience!
We first arrived on May 25th, had a few days to recoup and during that time we went to Poland for a Team Leader retreat! We had a blast! it was so great to be able to get to know all the different leaders and also to spend time in prayer for the upcoming summer.

After we came back from the retreat we had one week to get ready for the Amazing Race! Talk about an absolutely crazy adventure. We went to the airport on June 1st to pick up our interns and then we were off without a translator, no idea on how to use the public transportation, and a limited amount of money to survive for three days in Prague. The whole idea of the amazing race was for team building with the interns.... and it was awesome! We really got to know each other and also depend on each others skills.

During the amazing race there were 17 teams total, including ours. Through much running, walking, getting lost, sweat, and some tears of pain we made it to the final pit stop in 9th place! Our team was great! So cool to think that God can bring complete strangers together for three days to become great friends!

After the amazing race we traveled to Hotel Malenovice, a hotel owned by Josiah Venture, for intern training. Over 5 days we were taught how to make English Camps the best they can be for the summer; including things like training for: leading english class, games at camp, culture training, personality training, and getting to know our team even better! Our team is made up of 6 people: Myself, Minda, Melissa, Justin, Carolyn, and Tawnee!

Once we finished training we headed out to our apartment that will serve as our base of operations for the summer! Martina Pixova is letting us live with her at her flat, and it is such an amazing blessing! From June 9-12 we spent the weekend with the youth group at Zlin and planned for the upcoming camp in July and had a mini-retreat with them. It was a blessing getting to meet them and we are so excited to work with them for a couple weeks this summer.

We have a few days of break right now to spend time working on english lessons for the summer. We have a meeting this upcoming weekend with the youth group in Trinec pronounced (in english): "tree-nets". Our team is really hoping to have a great time with this group of students and we are praying that the Lord would make our time together fruitful.

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  1. Hi guys!
    Miss you and love you alot! How are you both doing? Happy Anniversary to you both!!! I remember how hot and humid it was...:) It was a Beautiful Wedding though! Sounds like you are very busy. Glad everything is falling into place for you both. I will keep checking back to see your updates. Minda,I love the hair! :) You both look great!! Can I still make a donation for you? Let me know and I will do that. Keep up the great work and enjoy your adventure. Love ya tons, Auntie Lorrie XXXX