Monday, June 20, 2011

Pre-Camp Prep

like we said in the last post we have been visiting the different youth groups that we will be working with at camps this summer. it has been going very well so far, we have visited zlin and got most of the planning taken care of. we are currently visiting trinec.

this youth group is lead by one of the few paid youth pastors in the entire country, Honza Merka. he is a young outgoing czech who has a giant heart for students. it has been an amazing time with the youth group with some great time being spent just getting to know each other.

yesterday we went on a hike with the youth group. we took a ski lift up to the top of the highest mountain in the area and hiked down. it was such an amazing view, we were able to see the entire city of Trinec from the mountaintop and we were able to take a while and pray for the students while looking directly over the city with the Czech team. it was the first time that i have experienced prayer for a specific people so tangibly.

our team is extremely excited to work with Trinec and get going with camps for the summer. this wednesday we will leave for Zabreh to plan the third and final camp.

this will be the first english camp ever for the town of Zabreh, so we are super excited to work with this youth group and hopefully help see the beginning of many great english camps for the town of Zabreh. more about this next week after our visit.

minda and i are doing very well, we miss all of you back in the states, we cannot believe that 4 weeks have already gone by! i am sure we will be home before we or the rest of you even realize. we have a few prayer requests for you all:

  • we are at 90% support raised right now and have to raise a little over $800 before the end of the summer. if you would like to support us you can visit: Give to Nik and Minda. if you would like to pass this on to any friends you think would be interested we would appreciated it!
  • our team is doing well, but the stress of the summer can get to us fast; please pray that our team morale stays strong and that we will be proactive in supporting and encouraging each other.
  • pray that communication between myself and the Czech leaders is very clear and that we do not miss any details while planning camps together!
thank you for all your support and we cannot wait to tell you some great stories face to face!

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  1. It is good to hear all that you two are experiencing and what to pray for. Lifting your teams up and softened hearts for the students. Love you, Mama