Monday, April 4, 2011

set in stone

God is good! our job is drawing to a close and we are looking forward to this summer in the Czech. we have officially been accepted to the Czech Republic this summer and are able to start support raising in the next few days! our journey over the past 8 months has been a rewarding one. minda and i had an amazing conversation together yesterday, we talked about what we have gleened from this experience. we both talked about how we have grown during our journey through the United States. we have had such an amazing privilege to have the possibility to reach over 100,000 students with a message of encouragement. it is truly a sobering fact to realize that God has worked through two completely broken unworthy people to reach students with a message of hope. we have both grown in many ways, too many to talk about here, but we would love to talk with you personally about them if you would only ask us.

arminda and i are so, so excited about this summer. we are a little apprehensive about the financial aspect of our trip, but we know 100% that the Lord has called us to the Czech this summer and that He will provide for us. we ask you, our family and friends to seriously pray and consider if it may be possible that the Lord is calling you to support us this summer. we understand that economic times are extremely hard for everyone, but every single dollar counts. and if you are unable to give or you feel that the Lord is not calling you to support us financially, we sincerely ask that you pray for us and for our potential financial supporters. we only have a couple months so we need your prayers now more than ever!

we will have information on how to support us financially with our next update!


  1. Great news! Can't wait to see you and ask you how you've grown this last year. We love you. Don & Carol

  2. im excited for you all!!! we need to get together when y'all get back!!! love you both!

  3. Love you two. You may never know how much you encouraged others by being obedient to what God has called you to do. XXOO Mama W

  4. Nick & Minda! :)
    So looking forward to seeing you two again soon! It was awesome seeing you both when you were here in New York!! Can't wait to hear all about your great journey and all the cool stories!!! We miss you and love you,
    Auntie Lorrie, Uncle Bruce
    Lin and Zach XXXX