Friday, February 4, 2011

so what are we doing this summer?

for those of you found yourself asking this question, well, it is a good question. during my time with Josiah Venture, i served as a summer intern, so i have a pretty good grasp of what is expected of us this summer. although there are some differences. because we will be serving as intern team leaders our responsibilities will be different. i am going to attempt to give you all a good idea of what we will be doing this summer, but i know i will leave things out. so we would really appreciate it, if you have any further questions, to get a hold of us so we can answer any questions you may have!

arminda and i will be intern team leaders. our general responsibilities will include:
  • growing our team in Christ individually and as a team
  • planning, executing, and leading English camps
  • preaching during night sessions and leading small groups
  • planning and teaching English lessons during camp

2 weeks - training
  • our first two weeks will be spent getting to know our team of 4-6 interns.
  • this is a bonding, preparation, and training time for intern teams.

5 weeks - preparation
  • the next 5 weeks will be spent visiting the 3 towns that we will have English camps in later in the summer.
  • during these visits we will be meeting with the Czech youth group that is assisting with the English camp in their town during the summer
  • we will also be visiting public schools teaching English, basically recruiting students to our English camp for the summer
  • this is also a time of preparation of our English lessons 
5 weeks - English camps
  • the next 5 weeks will be spent at English camps
  • camps are 1 week long with 2-3 days of follow-up
  • camp schedule looks like this: breakfast, English lessons, lunch, sports, free time, dinner, night session, small group time, free time, sleep, repeat
  • 2-3 days of follow up consist of hanging out with students in their hometown connecting them with the local churches youth group
  • repeat
1 week
  • debrief time with team personally
  • debrief time with all intern teams together in Prague
our approximate cost of the summer is anywhere from $8200 to $8500. this will all depend on the currency exchange rate and the price of airfare. the money for the summer will cover:
  • plane ticket
  • all food
  • all lodging
this covers pretty much everything in a very general way, but we hope that this will give you a good idea of what our summer will entail. an important thing to remember is that while teaching English is the main priority at camps, students know they are coming to a Christian camp and reaching students with the love of Christ is just as high a priority for Josiah Venture.

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