Thursday, January 27, 2011

on the road again.....

three months have gone by and i am ashamed that we stopped posting like we did. how are others supposed to support us in prayer if they have no means of contact with us? well hopefully with your prayers and encouragement we can keep this blog updated as much as possible to keep all of you informed and connected to our lives!

Christmas break was amazing! it was a blast spending time with family and honestly it was the best to spend our first year of marriage together with both of our families. we are so blessed by them, we definitely would not of made it through the Christmas season without them!

our schedule has been pretty relaxed over the past three weeks, giving us time to get reacquainted with our equipment and transition back into the working mindset. that being said we do have a rough few weeks ahead of us so we would appreciate your prayers if we come to your mind!

additionally we have had a significant amount of technical issues with our equipment. we need some serious prayer for our equipment! we believe that the cold is making our dvd players freeze at various times during the show, so please pray that the Lord would miraculously work with our equipment each day to provide the best show possible for our students without any distractions!

we have spent the last three weeks between New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Seriously this job has been an amazing experience for Arminda and I. has it been challenging? yes, but it has been such a unique opportunity for us to grow as individuals and as one as well. our team manager, Andrew, has been a huge encouragement and a stud to work for! he has given us advice and criticism when we needed it and encouragement and grace when we don't.

minda and i have been working on our future summer plans! and we really want to divulge them to you all, so be looking out for our next post that will be coming out really soon! (hopefully!)


  1. Glad everything is going so well for you all!
    I will pray for you to have working equipment!!
    Miss you both and we are sending our love and prayers your way! Love,
    Auntie Lorrie & Family XXXX

  2. It was great seeing you this past weekend. It is always fun having everyone together. We are praying for you and know that sometimes God has to break things to fix them. We are encouraged by both of your commitment to Campfel and the course God has set you on. Love and prayers for all your needs spoken and unspoken. XXOO Mama and Dad W.