Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the social weekend

sorry we haven't updated for a while. now that, that's over; we had a stella weekend!

last week's show went really well. other than having a crazy 2 school day and having to rush a lot on that day it went great without anything eventful. (which is really good when every setup counts.

this past weekend we stayed at the same hotel as johnny and lacie vasquez, another camfel team! we were able to hang with them from friday to monday, it was a blast! we basically only did things... things that were awesome. we knitted at a knitting store called Why Knot Knit (which you will hear about later), shopped at a farmer's market, had a picnic with bread, cheese, salami, and FRESH kosher pickles, had a photo shoot, had a double date, went to michaels (craft store) way, way too many times, watched a movie, saw a lady gaga scarecrow, went to a space museum, played some card games, ate chinese, and we did a show together.

it was so amazing getting to spend time with johnny and lacie! they are such a down to earth couple that we really get along and have fun with. in fact i believe we will be spending next weekend with them!! it was a very busy weekend as you could probably tell, but it was actually very refreshing. getting to go out and about with another couple is a really neat experience that minda and i have never really had before. we both hope that this is a friendship that we will be able to develop for a very long time!

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