Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trinec Camp

Trinec camp ended yesterday and it was such an amazing camp! we had just around 60 people total at camp, and it was a huge success! this camp was only the second for the town of Trinec, but it was almost like a brand new camp because last year they only had 2 students outside of the youth group sign up. this year we had over 20 students outside the youth group come to camp.

the american team that we had came all the way from Gig Harbor, Washington. the team was comprised of 2 leaders and 12 students from their youth group. they were a truly amazing group to work with. they were eager to help, and stepped in wherever we needed them to, and not only accomplished what was asked of them, but went above and beyond our expectations. i am praying that the Lord would make it possible for this group to come out and work with Trinec again for the next few years to come!

the Trinec youth group did a superb job of serving the students of the camp, and for all they knew, there wasn't even a youth group; that is how good the youth group was at getting to know new people. i get really disappointed at most Christians because they cannot seem to break out of their circle of Christian friends. this was not the case at this camp and i believe this is one of the reasons why our camp was so successful.

i have said some things about the different teams, but i haven't even touched on the most important team of all. that team would be the team that we all became when we met together at camp. i have never seen the czech, american, and intern team work together like ours did. it was so cool to see how Christians, literally a world apart, seperated by: language, culture, and history, can instantly come together with one common goal and work together for the Lord's glory!

the conditions for camp did not lend themselves to creating a good camp atmosphere, it literally rained over half of our time at camp. even though the weather forced us to stay indoors, it did stop us from having a blast from within our entrapment. Caro, did an amazing job of facilitating sports for camp indoors. we had a great amount of activities to do that kept us sane and in a right state of mind.

the night talks were given by Johnny, the leader of the american team, and he did an amazing job! he is a gifted speaker, and definitely helped the students engage with what was being taught and really challenge them to actively process and wrestle with what they were hearing.

english class went great, minda's fears concerning teaching english were squelched after she got into the teaching groove, and she found that she actually quite enjoyed it. and from the laughing coming from her classroom, i assume that her students enjoyed it as well! this was my only camp that i will be teaching english, due to the fact that i will be giving the night sessions talks for the week. i am looking forward to being stretched from this, but extremely nervous about it as well. i love talking in front of crowds, but i still struggle with being confident while speaking the Word of God; i want to do it well and do not want to leave anything out.

i have never seen students more open to hearing and talking about God before. it was really cool to have discussions about Him and have the conversation not fall into a negative light. by the end of camp there were two students that accepted Christ to my knowledge! what an awesome answer to prayer! i do not want to list their names, because of their personal privacy, but please be praying for these new believers, i am sure that they will need the support of their new family!

we have two days rest until we begin our next training and camp so please be praying for:

  • the Lord to prepare me for teaching
  • for our team to get much needed rest
  • for the two new additions to our eternal family!!

Where's Waldo?: Find Minda!!

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  1. Is she behind the guy with the black ball cap? I love you guys and we are praying for you! MommaJ